A sneak peek at our product roadmap

Along with other updates we've launched recently...

Changing things up today. In addition to sharing the product updates we’ve recently launched (like we always do in these emails), I wanted to pull back the curtain and give you a transparent look at our product roadmap here at beehiiv.

The next two months will be some of the most transformative to date—with our most powerful features still ahead of us.

For those of you who have been with us from the beginning (just six short months ago), I hope you’ve seen firsthand our dedication to incorporating user feedback and iterating on the product at a rapid pace.

But for those newer to the beehiiv community, I wanted to callout two things:

  1. We absolutely love hearing from you. We always prioritize initiatives driven by your feedback.

  2. We are creator-first. Our mission is to build a platform that helps you succeed.

We’re excited about both the near and long-term future of beehiiv and wanted to give you an inside look at our roadmap. Hit reply and let me know if you find this helpful..

In this email...

📈 What we've launched lately🚀 Upcoming launches in next few months🎁 Surprise early access

📈 What we've launched lately

Referral Program

Fully integrated into your workflow and built to provide same flexibility and capabilities of Morning Brew’s famous referral program. One of the most popular growth tools in email, and our newsletters have already grown by more than 40,000 subscribers via referrals.


Create and analyze custom segments based on subscriber attributes, engagement, status, acquisition source, events, and more.

Paid Newsletters

Launch a paid newsletter and turn your readers into recurring revenue. beehiiv automatically handles user authentication, paywalling, billing, and more. While our toolkit includes custom offers, promo codes, free trials, and other things to help you convert your free readers to paid. And we don’t take any cut of revenue.

Embeddable Subscribe Forms

Create entirely custom subscribe forms and drop them wherever on the web. We’ll handle the attribution of subscriber data, redirects, and other custom behaviors.


Also highly recommend you check out our YouTube channel which has over 40 videos ranging from product tutorials, integrations, and more.

🚀 Upcoming Launches

I just wanted to callout that this is not an exhaustive list of what we have planned. It is however a collection of the most frequently requested features. Of which, we intend to launch over the next few months.

  • Custom email journeys / sequences

    • Transactional email analytics

    • Event triggered email sends

  • Segmentation updates

    • Additional filters and parameters

    • Sending posts to individual segments

  • Custom subscriber fields

    • Collecting additional data

    • Merge tags in email

  • Publication website updates

    • SEO optimizations

    • Ability to create custom pages

    • More layout / template options

    • Email-gating content for subscribers only

    • Popup subscribe forms to collect emails

    • Comment section

  • Deeper subscriber analytics

...and a few dozen other smaller initiatives that may be less "flashy" but will undoubtedly improve your experience using the product, as well as your readers' experiences engaging with your content.

There are other large product launches coming soon that aren't included on this list, either because they won't be launching within the next two months, or because some things are better kept a secret for now 🤫

Please note that we cannot provide specific launch dates for these — we’re a small team moving as quickly as we can! 😁

🎁 Early Access

Those of you on our Pro and Growth plans will receive an email in the next two weeks to get early access to one of our largest product launches to date.

It's none of the launches mentioned above, but we're incredibly excited to share it with you all...so be on the lookout for that email 👀

And for everyone else—you should expect to see this announced publicly sometime in June.

I truly couldn't be happier to have all of you along for this journey. Just six months ago we had no one using beehiiv, and now we're home to some of the largest and most influential newsletters in the world—sending over 30m emails per month on behalf of hundreds of the top content creators.

And we've done it all because of your willingness to offer feedback, patience in knowing we're early and very much building this in real-time, and trust in us that these best-in-class features and capabilities will be built, and built well.

I hope you've enjoyed this email, and we'll be back next week to announce some exciting product updates.

— Tyler Denk, CEO

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