Introducing: offers and free trials

Product updates // March 1, 2022

Welcome to March! We're excited to share a bunch of exciting updates with you...

💰 Promotional offers and free trials📚 Migrating existing content💁🏾‍♀️ Improved subscriber import🕹 Zapier integration🛤 Public API 🎨 Newly designed engagement email

Let's get to it!

Premium Subscriptions

Promotional Offers and Free Trials

We're thrilled to introduce the ability for premium newsletters to offer discounts and free trials to their free readers as a way to help incentivize readers to upgrade. We've built this with a ton of flexibility in mind:

  • Discounts (% off)

    • Limited time offer optionality

    • Select plans only optionality

    • Variable discount period (i.e. forever, once, repeating)

  • Free trials (# of days)

    • Length of trial

    • Select plans only optionality

To get started—visit your Publication Settings and choose Manage Offers under the paid newsletter section. From there you'll be able to quickly create as many new offers as you'd like.

Each offer you create will have its own unique link you can copy and share with your audience. We'll also track all redemptions of each offer, so you can seamlessly measure the effectiveness of your offers and see which of your readers converted from what.

When you share the offer link with readers, they'll be redirected to your upgrade page with updated messaging explaining the offer, and the prices will also be reflected accordingly.

The offer coupon will also be added and reflected in the final Stripe checkout page, so the discounted rate is consistently communicated throughout the process.

We hope this helps you increase the conversion of free readers into paying readers. More fun premium subscription updates coming soon❗️

PS as a reminder—we don't take any % of your subscription revenue.

Migrating to beehiiv

Migrating Existing Content

Have content living on another platform? Our new-and-improved content import tool makes pulling in existing content seamless, and will mirror the styles and formatting exactly as you'd expect.

Just navigate to Import Content in your settings and follow the simple two step process. 

Note: as of this writing we only support Substack imports, but plan to launch support for Revue, Ghost, Wordpress, and more in the coming weeks.

Improved Subscriber Import

We also completely rebuilt our subscriber import tool to optimize the experience and reduce any errors users may have previously encountered.

If you attempted to upload a csv the past few weeks and encountered any issues 1) we sincerely apologize and 2) if we haven't already assisted you, you should have no issues moving forward.

You can export a csv of your subscribers from your previous platform and upload them directly into beehiiv with a few clicks. We run all uploaded emails through several layers of validation software to ensure only legitimate emails are added. This improves the performance and health of your newsletter.

Note: due to the email validation processes, it's possible there may be a slight discrepancy between the number of emails in the csv and the number of emails ultimately added to your list in beehiiv. It's worth noting that we only reject emails that we have the utmost confidence in being illegitimate. 


Zapier Integration

We launched a Zapier integration so you can send signups from anywhere on the web directly to your list on beehiiv. 

Note: this feature is currently invite only. Reply to this email if you'd like us enable Zapier access for your account.

Public API

For those who would prefer to access this new subscriber endpoint directly (as opposed to relying on Zapier) we also launched a public API endpoint (beta) for select users upon request. 

Newly Designed Engagement Email

We gave the 6 hour check-in email a bit of a facelift to help get you the numbers that matter most quickly, efficiently, and in style 😎.

If you have any additional feedback about anything, please hit reply and let us know. All of these improvements featured above came from user feedback.

And be sure to follow us here on Twitter for real-time product updates and announcements.

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