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Introducing: RSS feeds, custom teaser content, and more

Product updates // March 11, 2022

Happy Friday! If it wasn't already abundantly clear, we truly value all of the feedback and requests you make. We think this update more than any other exemplifies that—with some of the most requested features going live this week.

💰 Custom content-break teaser📚 Introducing RSS feeds📈 New subscribe form functionality🔄 Revue content import🔎 Search and filter posts❗ Customize font-weight of headers

Let's get to it!

Premium Subscriptions

Custom content-break teaser

Your goal: convert as many of your free subscribers into paying subscribers.Our goal: give you as many tools to make that as simple as possible.

So we introduced the ability to drop a custom content break anywhere in your premium content. What does that mean exactly?

  • As a paying reader of your publication, I'm able to read the post in its entirety

  • As a non-paying reader of your publication, I can read up until that content break, and then am prompted to upgrade to read the rest (hence the "teaser")

It's that simple—just a single click and the content break is added directly into your post.

And this functionality applies to both web and newsletter content, meaning you can send a single newsletter to your entire audience (both free and premium tiered subscribers) and we'll dynamically render the correct version to your readers pending their subscription tier. Ditto for web.

Here's an example found in one of our users' newsletters:

...so what are you waiting for?

PS as a reminder—we don't take any % of your subscription revenue.

Introducing RSS Feeds

As a publication, having an RSS feed allows you to:

  • Use beehiiv to send newsletters while also utilizing a bespoke Wordpress or Webflow site (you'd use a plugin to read your RSS feed and render posts there)

  • Trigger automations when your RSS feed is updated (here are some suggestions from Zapier)

  • Provide your readers a feed they can use for 3rd party reader apps

Generating an RSS feed is simple—just head over to your Settings and go to RSS.

External Subscribe Forms

Redirect on submission

As a quick brief—we offer the ability to create fully customizable external subscribe forms and drop them anywhere on the internet.

Just visit your Settings under Subscribe Forms and you can create as many subscribe forms as you'd like. You're able to customize the text, CTA, colors, fonts, etc.

We'll then spit out the code for 3 different styled versions of these forms (full width, fixed width, and slim) which you can drop anywhere online to get new subscribers.

Well we just launched the ability for you to customize the reader experience as to what happens after they submit:

  • Add a custom message that'll display under the form

  • Add a redirect URL where they'll be sent to after their email is submitted

You can find this under After Submission when creating or editing a subscribe form.

Migrating to beehiiv

Importing Existing Content from Revue

Have content living on another platform? Our new-and-improved content import tool makes pulling in existing content seamless, and will mirror the styles and formatting exactly as you'd expect.

We just added Revue as a platform option to seamlessly pull in your content in less than 30 seconds.

Just navigate to Import Content in your settings and follow the simple two step process. 

Search and Filter Posts

Many of you mentioned having a stockpile of drafts that you intend to revisit once that creative spark ignites sometime in the future. So we made it simple to filter your posts by: published, draft, scheduled, and archived.

We also added a search feature!

Custom Font Weights

You can now customize the font-weight (lighter, normal, bold) of your email title, subtitle, and all headers (h1, h2, h3, etc.) in your Email Template settings.

This should give you even greater control over the aesthetic of your newsletter.

If you have any additional feedback about anything, please hit reply and let us know. All of these improvements featured above came from user feedback.

And be sure to follow us here on Twitter for real-time product updates and announcements.

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