Introducing: reusable templates, double-opt, and more

Product updates // April 12, 2022

Happy Tuesday!  Big shoutout to all of you—per usual, a lot of these updates are derived from your feedback. We hope we delivered 👊🏽

🔃  Save and reuse templates✔️  Double-opt in📈  Advanced attribution data🗓  Monthly recap emails❌  Unsubscribe data 🎨  Newsletter customization updates✍🏽. Text editor updates

Save and reuse templates

Gone are the days of needing to start fresh or duplicate old posts. Now live: the ability to create, save, and reuse email templates.

Rather than explain how it works, we figured we'd just show you...

Double opt-in

By default, all newsletters on beehiiv are single opt-in. This means once a visitor submits their email on your website, they're automatically subscribed and will begin receiving your newsletters. 

We've introduced the ability to toggle on double opt-in, which will require newly submitted emails to confirm their email prior to receiving your newsletters. This is optional, but provides a bit more assurance as to the emails on your list being legitimate, active, and engaged. Typically the tradeoff here is a bit more friction in return for a higher quality list. 

You can toggle this on in your Settings under Double Opt.

Note: subscriptions with the status "Pending" means these readers have not yet confirmed their email and are not actively receiving newsletters.

Advanced attribution data

Our #1 goal: help you grow and scale your newsletter. A key to being able to scale your audience is understanding where your readers are coming from and how they're signing up for your newsletter.

We've revamped our acquisition source and data attribution in a BIG way. By clicking into any given subscriber's profile you'll see their acquisition metadata laid out in very granular detail.

To understand the logic and breakdown behind these changes and more, be sure to check out our attribution guide 👇🏽

Monthly recap emails

At the beginning of each month, we'll send all active users a detailed breakdown of their achievements and growth from the previous month. Some of these metrics include: impressions, average open rate, average CTR, new subscribers, churned subscribers, net growth, top five acquisition channels, top performing post of the month, and more.

The first one hit your inbox last Monday 🥳

Unsubscribe data

This one's bittersweet. While of course most people love your newsletter and always look forward to it...some people may be having a bad day and unsubscribe.

We've added unsubscribe data to your post metrics page so you have a better sense of churn.

In the works: additional growth and churn metrics shown in aggregate and on a rolling basis to help you better understand your growth and engagement over time.

Template customization updates


Added flexibility around the line-height of your text in your newsletter. For those wondering: line-height is the vertical spacing between lines in text. More line-height = more vertical spacing between text. Less line-height = more compact.

Center-align image source text

You can now left, right, or center align source text (the text that appears underneath an image if you're giving credit).

LA Times

Bold headers

Rather than needing to individually bold each header in your newsletter, you can now just set a default font weight for each type of header (h1, h2, h3, etc.).

Text editor updates

Hyperlink improvement

We've updated the hyperlink functionality for a much more streamlined and seamless experience. If you've been a beehiiv user for a bit, you should notice the improvement 🙂

Image resize

We've updated the resize image functionality to allow you to enter in a numeric value for the width. Alternatively you can still use the slider, and the numeric width value will update accordingly.

If you have any additional feedback about anything, please hit reply and let us know. All of these improvements featured above came from user feedback.

And be sure to follow us here on Twitter for real-time product updates and announcements.

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