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Product updates // January 31, 2022

Welcome to the final round of product updates for January! 

💰 Improved subscription management for your readers🤖 Simulate previews and tests as your readers📈 Referral program enhancements🎨 Upgraded UI to your post feed

Stay tuned for a huge month of February as we look to significantly expand the core functionality of the platform. 

Premium Subscriptions

New Subscription Management Page

For newsletters with a premium (paid) offering—we've introduced a more robust subscription management page for your readers via Stripe. 

Now your readers can sign in directly on your website and then manage their subscription.

The new and improved subscription management page allows your readers to:

  • Upgrade or downgrade their subscription

  • Update their payment method

  • View and download previous payment invoices

  • View upcoming billing dates

This is all enabled by default for your readers to take advantage of if you offer a paid newsletter. 

PS as a reminder—we don't take any % of your subscription revenue.

Referral Program

Simulate Subscribers

You can now simulate what your newsletter will look like for any given subscriber, accessible in both Preview mode and for Test sends.

For the referral program in particular—this means you can verify and test the correct referral link and code are included in the email for any given subscriber. Previously we only displayed a [placeholder] in preview mode and in test sends. 

Preview Mode

Test Send Settings

This gives you more control, transparency, and certainty around your campaign sends. 

Remove Images for Rewards

We've added the ability to remove images for referral rewards. While many rewards warrant an image or gif, we understand that not everyone wants to create and include these. With the added flexibility, you have more control over the presentation of your referral program.


Updated UI for the Write page

We've made it easier than ever to glance at your post feed and keep tabs on your engagement trends at a glance. 

TikTok Tracking Pixel

You can now add your TikTok tracking pixel to your website if you choose to leverage TikTok for growing your newsletter. In total we offer tracking pixel integrations for:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • TikTok

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Tag Manager

You can add these in your Publication Settings.

If you have any additional feedback about anything, please hit reply and let us know. All of these improvements featured above came from user feedback.

And be sure to follow us here on Twitter for real-time product updates and announcements.

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