Build Better Newsletters

The most powerful editor in email just got better.

Truly one of the product updates I’ve been most looking forward to writing.

We've been collecting feedback and working diligently to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the newsletter space with our editor. In just the past few months we’ve launched:

But today we’re launching some of the most requested editor features to date…

🏛️ Multiple columns
🖼️ Borders and spacing
♻️ Duplicate and copy sections
🔘 Quick-add buttons
📨 Subscriber break
🧼 Reset text formatting

🏛️ Multiple columns

The beehiiv beach club is part of our partner program where we send the top performing partner each quarter (and a plus-one) to the Bahamas on an all-expenses paid trip!

You can see the logo to the left of this text (if on desktop).

As of today, you can create multiple columns directly in the text editor and add whatever you want to each column (images, buttons, headers, text, etc.).

Just select Columns in the editor menu and begin adding content. You can even change the layout and width of the columns.

The columns will automatically fold into a single column on mobile devices.

🖼️ Borders and spacing

We launched the ability to group multiple blocks of content together a few months ago… and now you can add borders and spacing to these sections (and to individual blocks too).

  1. Highlight the blocks of content and group

  2. Click on Visual Settings

  3. Adjust the Spacings and Borders

I also changed the background color of these sections to provide some additional contrast.

The combination of these updates unlocks a tremendous amount of flexibility and customization, without ever needing to custom code anything.

And you may be thinking—does this mean I can mimic the aesthetic of some of the most popular newsletters in the world? And the answer is yes…

For the record—I don’t think the above sections necessarily look amazing, I’m just flexing the capabilities of what’s possible 😜 .

♻️ Duplicate and copy sections

Now that you can create these fully customizable sections and edit the colors, borders, spacing, and more… you might think that creating a newsletter could become tedious and time consuming.

So we launched the ability to easily duplicate and/or copy content blocks or sections directly from the menu.

  • Duplicate will add a block or section underneath of the duplicated one

  • Copy will copy the entire section to your clipboard and allow you to paste it wherever in the post

🔘 Quick-add buttons

Odds are you re-use a lot of the same buttons over and over again, so we made it simple to add them in just a few clicks.

Just hit the Button option in the editor menu and choose from one of the preselected button options.

Want to create a custom button that links to your Twitter profile (or anywhere)? Just hit the Custom option and it’ll create a new button just like before.

📨 Subscriber break

Last August we introduced Advanced Email Capture which allows you to select one of two methods for acquiring new subscribers on your posts:

  • Popup forms — a custom popup appears as web visitors read your post

  • Email-gate — prevents non-subscribers from reading any of your post without putting in their email

By default, adding an email gate hides the entire post. But with a Subscriber break you can drop the teaser at any point in the post and web visitors who aren’t active subscribers will be prompted to add their email to continue reading.

This allows you to tease a few 🔥 paragraphs and reel in the reader prior to hitting them with a nudge to input their email.

Note: the subscriber break will always take precedent. So if you add a subscriber break to a post that also has an email-gate, only the subscriber break will show.

🧼 Reset text formatting

This entire paragraph was copy and pasted from a Google Doc, and had tons of hyperlinks, bold, italics, and more. But I selected the content block and “Reset text formatting” which removed all inherited styles to avoid any styling conflicts 👍️ .

Now queue the satisfaction poll (also available in the editor with just one click)…

What did you think about these product updates?

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