📧 Advanced email capture is here

Organically turn visitors into new subscribers.

Hey beehiiv crew!

They say there's no better way to spend your weekend than playing with new features on beehiiv...so we're here to deliver.

📧 Advanced email capture👯 Referral program updates⛔️ Remove subscribers🖥 Improved website performance

📧 Advanced email capture

In just the past few weeks we have launched significant enhancements to your website—including a host of SEO optimizations to ensure we're maximizing organic traffic to your content.

Now it's time to convert all of these new visitors into subscribers...

Popup forms

On any given post under Website Settings, you can now select Popup under the Advanced email capture dropdown to have new visitors be prompted to enter in their email via a popup form while reading the post.

Email-gate content

As a more aggressive tactic for collecting emails—on any given post under Website Settings, you can now select Gated under the Advanced email capture dropdown to ensure the content is only accessible to your active subscribers.

Active subscribers who are logged in will be able to access the content in its entirety without any friction.

New visitors will be prompted to subscribe prior to being able to access the post.

Customization and global settings

Under your Publication Settings you'll be able to customize the copy and CTAs associated with each of these options.

You are also able to set a publication-level default for these advanced email capture tactics. For example, you can choose to have all of your posts display a Popup by default, and can override these defaults on a post-by-post basis as well.

More to come...

We're going to introduce several enhancements to this feature in the coming weeks:

  • Additional email capture options

  • More customizations

  • Ability to track conversion rates and other metadata

👯 Referral program updates

Improved spam detection

Some of you have incredible rewards as a part of your referral program, and because of that, some readers have found ways to bypass our initial spam detection and enter in fake emails as referrals. We have since made substantial improvements to further enhance our systems and prevent malicious behavior.

Remove fake referrals

But because no system is perfect...we have also introduced the ability to remove fake referred emails after the fact. By removing a referred email, you will also reduce that reader's referral count by 1.

To accomplish this you'll just need to hit Manage for a specific subscriber in your referral program dashboard.

And then hit the trash can icon for the fake emails you'd like to remove.

Note: the referral program is a feature only available to users on our Scale plan. Learn more about the referral program here, and upgrade to Scale here.

⛔️ Remove subscribers

In a continued effort to give you greater control of your audience, we have introduced the ability to permanently delete subscribers from your account.

Delete individual subscribers

You can now visit any individual subscriber detail page and remove them from your list and account by using the dropdown menu in the top right.

Delete subscribers in bulk

We have also introduced the ability to remove segments of subscribers in bulk.

  1. Visit Audience Segmentation

  2. Create a segment 

  3. In the dropdown in the top right choose Delete

  4. Confirm by selecting Bulk Delete

Warning: both of these actions will delete these subscribers and all historical data associated with them.

🖥 Improved website performance

To further enhance the performance and speed of your beehiiv-hosted website, we've introduced the following best practices in the past week:

  • Resize and reformat all images

  • "Lazy load" images to reduce initial load time

  • Optimize how javascript scripts are being loaded

  • Add additional layers of caching

  • Smart routing to accelerate web traffic

If you have any additional feedback about anything, please hit reply and let us know. All of these improvements featured above came from user feedback.

And be sure to follow us here on Twitter for real-time product updates and announcements.

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