Giphy and Unsplash integrations

New media library just dropped, along with website and automation updates.

New media library just dropped and it’s 🔥.

Oh and it now has a direct integration to Giphy and Unsplash so you can give your newsletter a glow up (I checked with our new gen Z hire to see if that was used correctly).

But that’s not all we’re launching today…

🖼 New media library
⚙️ Downgrade automation
🌎 Landing page updates
💰 Boosts updates

🖼 New media library

Today we launched a whole new media library in the editor so creating beautiful newsletters is now easier than ever before.

The refreshed UI makes browsing, searching, and updating assets and metadata much simpler.

We also built a direct integration with Giphy and Unsplash so you have access to millions of quality gifs and photos at your fingertips.



These updates are in addition to the dozens of other features we’ve launched to build the most powerful editor in the newsletter space…

Much more to come here soon.

Happy Ice Hockey GIF by NHL


⚙️ Downgrade automation

We launched the ability to trigger an automation when a paying subscriber downgrades their subscription.

This unlocks the ability to perform automated win-back campaigns—potentially incentivizing these readers to reconsider with a promotion or trial.

As a reminder: we recently launched the ability to create re-engagement campaigns—which will automatically remove dormant readers from your list. This helps to ensure your list remains healthy and engaged.

Next week we’ll be rolling out another new Automation action 👀.

Note: Automations are only available to users on Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

🌎 Landing page updates

We are committed to building more features and customization options for your beehiiv-hosted websites. This week we’re rolling out four new updates for your landing pages…

FAQ Section

With just a few simple clicks you can add questions and create an FAQ. Everything from the font type to colors are customizable.

Background images

Add and edit background images on your landing page.

Markdown support

Use simple markdown to edit how text is displayed on your website. This means you can bold, italicize, underline and more without needing to code anything.

Redirect Link

By default there has always been a CTA to allow web visitors to “Let me read it first →” prior to subscribing. But converting your web traffic is important, so we’re giving you the simple option to toggle that off and hide it.

Note: the full web builder is only available to users on Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

💰 Boosts updates

To those of you new around here—Boosts is a marketplace of beehiiv newsletters that work together to grow and monetize their audiences.

We ran a promotion the other day and well…there’s almost a million dollars (🤑) waiting to be claimed by newsletters like yours.

So we built an algorithm to recommend Boosts that are most closely aligned with your newsletter and offer you the highest upside. You can see these and apply directly from your dashboard.

With the launch of Email Boosts last week, you can legitimately make a few thousand dollars per newsletter.

You can also learn everything there is to know about Boosts by reading the official guide below 👇🏽

What else is buzzin…

  • Get help: we are hosting our second ever Office Hours today at 4pm ET hosted by Darwin Binesh. RSVP here (it’s free).

    • The topics — account setup, welcome emails, recommended segments, website design, and more…

  • We’re hiring: Senior Product Designer & Design Lead — apply here.

  • Get pumped: one of our all-time favorites just moved his newsletter to beehiiv. Check out how seamless our auto-subscribe functionality is by subscribing to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s newsletter below.

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