Introducing Email Boosts 📈

10x your revenue and growth with Email Boosts

Introducing Email Boosts

In just the past few months since we’ve launched Boosts

  • We have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to newsletters

  • Newsletters have collectively grown by nearly half a million subscribers via the Boost network

Yet Boosts were only ever shown to new subscribers immediately after signup.

But today we’re launching Email Boosts—so you can seamlessly add Boosts directly into your newsletter and promote them to your entire list at once. This will radically increase the reach and earning potential of those using Boosts.

Show me an example…

  • You’re boosting Newsletter A which pays $2.50 per subscriber

  • You drop a Boost of Newsletter A into your newsletter

  • 1,000 readers click on the Boost to signup with 1-click

  • You would earn $2,500 in a single send

  • Inversely Newsletter A just grew by 1,000 subscribers overnight

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

This is all while your Web Boosts continue to drive revenue with each signup.

The result: more revenue for newsletters looking to monetize, and more subscribers for newsletters looking to grow 🤝.

Let’s dig into the details…

Quick Refresher on Boosts

The Boost network is a two-sided marketplace of newsletters looking to both monetize and grow, tapping into thousands of the most popular newsletters in the world, all hosted on beehiiv.

For those looking to grow their newsletter—you can create an offer specifying how much you’re willing to pay per new subscriber. Thousands of newsletters in the beehiiv network can apply to Boost your newsletter, driving you tons of new subscribers. Our verification process ensures that you’ll only ever pay for real and engaged subscribers, making Boosts one of the highest performing acquisition channels for newsletters.

Boosts Dashboard (Grow)

For those looking to monetize their newsletter—you can browse hundreds of offers in the Boosts Marketplace, discover newsletters that align with your audience, then apply to boost those that entice you the most. You’ll get paid for passively driving subscribers to other newsletters.

Boosts Dashboard (Monetize)

And you can do both at the same time. Earn passive revenue by boosting other newsletters, then funnel that cash straight into your own Boosts budget to scale your audience easier and more cost efficiently than ever before..

  • It’s built entirely on trusted first party data

  • There’s no code needed at all

  • No custom integrations or APIs required

  • It’s fully-integrated within a single platform

  • And it only takes a few minutes to get started

Rowan Cheung from The Rundown AI has grown by over 10,000 subscribers via Boosts, paying only $2.00 per subscriber.

And how quality are they? Using beehiiv’s advanced segmentation feature we can tell you…

Engagement of subscribers from Boosts for The Rundown AI

Note: Boosts are only available to users on Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

How to Grow with Email Boosts

Email Boosts allow you to leverage the powerful beehiiv network and grow by thousands of subscribers per send.

Visit Grow → Boosts in the main menu to get started.

Whether you are creating a new offer, or updating an existing one…you’ll be given an option to enable sending, then be prompted to enter in a max spend.

The max spend caps how much you’re willing to pay a publisher per send to promote your newsletter.

As always, you’ll only ever be charged for verified and engaged subscribers... and will be refunded for subscribers who don’t meet this criteria.

Enabling your offer for Email Boosts

Once published, your offer will appear in the Boosts Marketplace accessible to all beehiiv users to view and apply.

Boost Marketplace

You’ll receive notifications when others apply to Boost your newsletter.

Once approved, they’ll begin promoting your newsletter on their website after new readers signup to their newsletter (Web Boosts).

Separately they’ll be able to request including it in an upcoming newsletter (Email Boosts). You’ll receive notifications and be able to approve these requests from your Boosts Application dashboard, as shown in the image below.

Pending Email Boost Requests

Note: an amount equal to your max spend will be held in escrow for 72 hours after approving an Email Boost. This ensures liquidity in the marketplace, and the unused funds will be returned to your wallet after 72 hours.

Lastly you’ll be able to track the real-time performance of your Boosts (both Web and Email) from the dashboard.

Boosts performance in dashboard

The Result…

  • Newsletters with massive audiences can seamlessly promote your newsletter with a few clicks

  • You can grow by thousands of subscribers overnight

  • You’ll only ever pay for verified and engaged subscribers based on dozens of first party datapoints and behavior

Note: Boosts are only available to users on Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

How to Monetize with Email Boosts

Email Boosts allow you to earn thousands of dollars per send, promoting some of the top newsletters in the world.

It all starts in the Boosts Marketplace where you can browse hundreds of available offers.

Boosts that have sending enabled will show both a max spend value and have a paper airplane icon displayed on the offer.

Boost Offer that is eligible for Email Boosts

  1. Apply to Boost the newsletter normally

  2. Once accepted, in your dashboard you can request to include this Boost in an upcoming newsletter

Once the request is accepted—you’ll have 72 hours to include it in an upcoming post. We built this functionality directly into the text editor so you can add the Boost to your post with a few clicks 😀.

Adding a Boost to your post

Boosts are embedded via our Magic Link technology (1-click auto-subscribe) so it optimizes the effectiveness and conversion of the promotion.

Schedule and send your newsletter as usual, and watch the revenue flow in.

💰️ 📈 💰️ 📈 💰️ 📈 💰️ 📈💰️ 📈 💰️ 📈 💰️ 📈

Note: you’ll need to send a new request for each individual post you want to include a Boost in. This protects the other newsletters from over-allocating funds.

The result…

  • Some newsletters are offering up to $4.50 per subscriber in the Boosts Marketplace

  • You can now seamlessly add Boosts to your newsletter post to promote the offer to your entire list at once

  • You can earn thousands of dollars per send with just a few clicks

Note: Boosts are only available to users on Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.


We built Boosts with quality and efficacy as the two top priorities. Admittedly there are a quite a few layers associated with the Boosts Network to ensure it’s optimized for you to grow and monetize at scale…

  • There are different statuses, applications, and requests.

  • There is money moving in and out of escrow.

  • There are verification periods to ensure quality subscribers.

  • There are dashboards and tables to track performance.

To make this a whole lot easier to understand, we created this detailed guide to walk you through everything Boosts-related.

Mastering Boosts allows you to tap into one of the most powerful flywheels in the newsletter space—allowing you to leverage thousands of newsletters to grow faster all while paying for it with “house money.”


or to participate.