Audience Segmentation, Reimagined

Build custom segments, understand your audience, and take action.

This is one of those updates that is just absolutely loaded with new functionality and potential unlocks for your newsletter.

You can now launch lead magnets for growth, trigger bespoke automated journeys based on survey responses, and understand your audience better than ever before.

Give this one a good read — we’ll follow up with a bunch of tutorials and videos in the coming weeks.

Audience Segmentation

The Audience Segmentation tool in beehiiv just got a huge overhaul.

What was already one of the most powerful and dynamic segmentation tools available in email, has been upgraded to offer much more advanced filtering, plus a beautiful new interface.

Here’s a quick brainstorm of segments you can create for your newsletter:

  • Your most engaged subscribers by open rate or click-through-rate

  • Subscribers who refer the most readers via the referral program

  • Subscribers who have never engaged with your content

  • Subscribers in a particular geographic location

To see it in action, head over to AudienceSegmentation.

There are 3 types of segments:

  1. Static — a current snapshot of subscribers who meet the selected conditions

  2. Dynamic — updated nightly to include those subscribers who meet the selected conditions on a regularly updated basis

  3. Manual — a one-time upload of subscribers

You can now add a description to your segments to easily identify and understand the context of any segment.

Plus the segment builder itself is beautiful and dynamic.

  • Data types and events are all organized neatly by category

  • You can easily duplicate, delete, drag-n-drop, and group conditions with a simple click

  • You can drill down on any event and specify by relative time period

Let me give you a real-world example to show you it in action 👇🏽

Using segmentation, let’s say I want to find subscribers who meet these 5 criteria:

  1. Signed up more than 3 months ago

  2. Have opened more than 50% of our emails

  3. Opened last week’s email about the beehiiv Ad Network

  4. Are currently an active subscriber

  5. Are located in North America (either the U.S., Mexico, or Canada)

Conditions used to create that segment

It looks like there are nearly 33,000 subscribers who meet that exact criteria. You can view the aggregate metrics associated with the segment on the following page…

Now that I’ve identified the most engaged subscribers (i.e. users) in North America who are aware of the Ad Network… I can simply click Email This Segment to send them an email asking if they want to monetize their newsletter with premium sponsorships.

Sounds pretty damn powerful and useful 💪🏽

Note: users on the free Launch plan are limited to just 3 segments. To create unlimited segments learn more about our paid plans and/or upgrade here.

Automation Updates

As promised, we are continuing to invest in our Automation features so you can build more powerful automated journeys for your readers.

There are 3 big updates to automations this week:

  • Email Submitted Trigger

  • Survey Form Submission Trigger

  • Custom field conditions

The new trigger selection tool

Email Submitted Trigger

The Signed Up Trigger enters all new subscribers into an automation, but what if you want to promote resources like PDFs or community access to existing subscribers via an automation (e.g. lead magnets)?

FYI: A lead magnet is defined as a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details, like an email.

It’s an incredible growth strategy for newsletters, but also allows you to offer things to existing readers and have them receive something by entering in their email.

With the all new Email Submitted Trigger, you simply select a Subscribe Form and all emails (including existing subscribers) who submit their email via that form will be entered into the automation.

Email Submitted Trigger

In the example above—I created a Lead Magnet 1 subscribe form, built a landing page promoting something, embedded that form on it, and now have an automation set up that will send that something to everyone who submits their email.

Survey Form Submission Trigger

beehiiv allows you to create custom Survey Forms (think like SurveyMonkey or Typerform).

This is incredibly useful to collect valuable data about your readers. You can even create a custom subscribe flow that’ll redirect all new readers to complete a survey form after they subscribe to your newsletter.

And as of today with the launch of the Survey Form Submission Trigger, you can enroll readers into an automation after they complete a survey form.

Survey Form Submission Trigger

Just choose the specific Survey Form and after a subscriber submits it they’ll be enrolled into the following automation.

And all responses within a Survey Form are mapped to the subscribers custom field values, which coincides nicely with our final automation update of the week…

Custom field conditions

When creating a trigger or adding any step into an automation journey, you can add conditions that qualify whether or not a subscriber can proceed through the automation.

For example, perhaps you only want subscribers who joined your list via a referral to go through an automation. You would:

  1. Select the signed up trigger

  2. Specify the channel as referral

But because we can’t possibly account for every single use case or data type, we added a custom field option. Now you can choose any of your custom fields to filter.

For example, perhaps only readers with the first name “Tyler” can enter the automation. (Probably a terrible idea for an automation, but you get the point.)

Note: Automations are only available to users on our Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

Editor Updates

Available today: more functionality to edit images directly within the editor, and more flexibility around hyperlinking things.

Image editing

Who needs Photoshop? You can now edit images directly within the media library.

  1. Browse your archive of assets

  2. Click the ✏️ to edit

  3. Rotate or crop the image

  4. Save as a new image or update existing one

The result—here’s some weirdly rotated and cropped image of our new landing page.

Hyperlink settings

We added the ability to edit whether or not you want a hyperlink to open in a new tab or not. This can be edited for hyperlinked text, images, or buttons.

This is especially useful if you are taking advantage of creating custom webpages for your site, and trying to link internally to other pages.

Bulk Delete

You can now bulk select and delete posts, with more bulk actions coming soon 🫡.

What Else is Buzzing…

  • Last week we officially launched the beehiiv Ad Network. If you’re on the Scale plan and looking to monetize your newsletter via premium sponsorships, be on the lookout for incoming ad opportunities.

  • Thousands of newsletters are earning passive revenue via Boosts. Explore the Boosts Marketplace and start earning.

  • Oh and if you want to see how you can mimic Morning Brew’s iconic newsletter template, with no code, in just 5 minutes, we got the video for you 👇️ 

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