Meet the beehiiv Ad Network 👋

Monetize your newsletter with premium sponsors with just a few simple clicks.

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The beehiiv Ad Network is now mainstream.

You can now monetize your newsletter with premium sponsors with just a few simple clicks.

✔️ Review
✔️ Accept
✔️ Schedule
✔️ Send

…all directly within beehiiv.

More revenue opportunities, less third-parties and convoluted processes.

What’s the beehiiv Ad Network?

What do Morning Brew, Axios, The Milk Road, theSkimm, Execsum and other top newsletters all have in common?

They all monetize and make a lot of money. And they all primarily monetize via ads and sponsorships.

But selling ads is difficult and time-consuming. 
All of those newsletters above also have sales teams dedicated to collecting audience data, doing cold outreach, and selling brands on why they should advertise in their newsletters.

So we wanted to make it easier…for you.
Because we are now sending over 500M emails per month, brands and advertisers want to partner with beehiiv to sponsor the top newsletters in the world. (If you’re a brand reading this, click here to learn more).

The beehiiv Ad Network is built to routinely bring you relevant ad opportunities from premium brands and sponsors, so you can seamlessly monetize your newsletter.

What you do…

Write quality newsletters — just keep doing what you’re doing

What we handle…

Sales — bringing you inbound opportunities from premium brands
Copywriting — turnkey ad placements
Reporting — no need to lift a finger, we’ve automated this
Optimizing — continuously looking to drive better results for you
Invoicing — we handle all payments for you

And as of today this is all handled directly within the beehiiv platform.

Note: the Ad Network is only available to users on our Scale or Enterprise plans. Access to the Ad Network does not guarantee placements. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

Let’s dig in so I can show you how to start monetizing your newsletter like the pros 👇🏽

Inbound Opportunities

We have a full team dedicated to onboarding premium brands and connecting them to the top newsletters on beehiiv.

When we identify your newsletter as a good fit for one of our campaigns, you’ll receive an email notification to review the ad opportunity.

You can also access the Advertisements dashboard directly in app under Monetization Ads.

On this page you’ll find:

  • A full calendar that’ll display all ad placements

  • Pending ad opportunities to review

  • Upcoming and accepted ad placements

  • And previous ad placements

Looks like Pied Piper is running a campaign in late September, offering $2.50 per click.

Based on my newsletter’s historical performance, beehiiv estimates I could get paid over $3,000 for running this ad.

Let’s dig in and learn more.

When I click into the opportunity it presents relevant details like:

  • Name, description, and URL associated with the advertiser

  • How much the advertiser is paying me per unique click

  • The available dates to run the ad

  • Estimated payout based on the historical data from my newsletter

  • Time window in which clicks will be counted towards the payout amount

  • The different available versions

Speaking of available versions—looks like there’s a few different ad versions so I can choose which I prefer to run in my newsletter.

I can also preview each version to visualize exactly how it’ll look in my newsletter with all of my applied styles.

Fortunately I have some open inventory next week and could use an extra $3,000… so I think I’ll proceed with approving and scheduling this one 🤗.


Locking in an ad placement is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1️⃣ Select the date you want to run the ad
2️⃣ Select the version you want to use
3️⃣ Review and confirm your selection

I had some open inventory next Friday, the 22nd, so selected that date to run this ad for Pied Piper.

I selected the first version because I thought the image would align with my SaaS heavy audience more.

Click Review and accept and we’re off to the races 🏁.

Now that I’ve scheduled the ad placement, I can see it reflected on the calendar with a green dot.

By clicking on any date in the calendar I’m able to view the scheduled ad placements and either update or cancel them as needed.

Note: you are free to decline any ad opportunity at any time for any reason. There’s no exclusivity, contracts, or requirements to run ad opportunities we present you. 


Doing a bit of time traveling, let’s assume it’s the morning of Friday September 22nd.

beehiiv will send a few reminder emails leading up to the campaign to ensure I don’t forget to include the ad in my upcoming newsletter.

While writing my post, I can use the editor menu to select upcoming Advertisements.

Step 1 — Open the ad menu

Step 2 — Search ad placements

Step 3 — Select the correct ad

The ad placement is seamlessly dropped into my post as an un-editable content block (so I don’t need to worry about the copy or hyperlinks or anything).

The sponsor’s logo will automatically be added to the header of the email as well to adhere to newsletter ad best practices.

Get Paid

When running ads via the beehiiv Ad Network, you don’t need to worry about any tracking, reporting, or invoicing.

Rather—a member of our team will be in touch to share performance data about the campaign, collect your preferred payment method, and coordinate a payment within 30 days of running the ad.

Coming soon: integrations with the beehiiv wallet, so you can utilize your earnings for Boosts and simplify your withdrawals.

Bugs Bunny Money GIF by Looney Tunes


Get Started

Prior to launching the Ad Network in the platform (i.e. today) we have already paid out over $500,000 to newsletters on beehiiv while this was in beta.

With Q4 right around the corner — we are ramping up ad campaigns across the board and expanding into all sorts of content categories and audiences.

To get started…

  • Upgrade to Scale to become eligible to receive ad opportunities

  • Keep a lookout for upcoming ad opportunities in your inbox

  • Follow the steps outlined above to start printing money 💸 

Note: being eligible for ad opportunities does not guarantee ad opportunities.

We are in the process of migrating existing campaigns and launching several new campaigns. Expect delays of a few days to a few weeks before receiving ad opportunities on a routine basis.


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