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Go private, smart warming domains, Boosts updates, and more...

A special shoutout to all of our amazing users—this entire product update is made up of features requested directly by you.

We have our own internal product roadmap, but intentionally leave bandwidth available for things requested by our users to ensure they’re being heard and prioritized. So thank you, and let’s keep on rollin…

🔏 Private publications
📈 Boosts upgrades
🔥 Smart warming domains
👻 Ghost content import

🔏 Private publications

Whether you’re sending private internal comms or running an exclusive community…the keywords here are private and exclusive. We’ve introduced 2 additional privacy settings for your newsletter, so you can do both (and more) with ease.

Privacy settings

Require Subscriber Approval

By toggling this setting on, visitors will be prompted to Request Access rather than Subscribe. All new signups will be will remain in a pending state (called Needs Approval) until you choose to approve or deny them from joining your list.

This gives you complete control over your list and ensures only those who you want to join are able to.

Pro Tip: subscribe flows still work when users request to join (if you have them enabled). So if you choose to create a post-subscribe survey, you could actually use that as a native application.

Private Publication

Going one step further—you can now convert your newsletter entirely to private, which hides all posts from your archive, and removes signup forms from displaying on your site.

  • Only you can add and import subscribers to your list.

  • Only active subscribers are able to access the web version of posts via a direct URL.

Pro Tip: you can toggle on both settings at the same time—which will restrict access from people joining and viewing content, but give them the option to request access to join.

You can find all of these settings in your Publication Settings.

📈 Boosts updates

In just the past two months since we first launched Boosts

  • $71,000 has or will be paid out to newsletters*

  • 80,000+ subscribers have been driven to new publications

We’re still in the early innings of building the marketplace, but have tons of new updates to announce both today and a big update dropping next week.

*Users only get charged when subscribers have been verified to be active and legitimate

Verification Mode

Our standard verification process takes between 10 and 17 days, helping to ensure that newsletters only pay for active and legitimate subscribers.

Today we’re introducing a new Relaxed Verification method that is quicker and optimizes for efficiency.

This new Relaxed option minimizes the time your funds are spent in a pending state, so you can more quickly ramp up and adjust campaigns.

You can edit this for all new and existing Boost offers under Grow → Boosts.

Boost Order

Right now new subscribers are shown up to 3 Boosts at a time after subscribing to a newsletter. By default, those 3 publications are chosen at random and evenly distributed over time.

Today we’re launching Boost Order which will allow boosting publications to choose to always show the 3 active Boosts with the highest CPA payout. This considerably optimizes the earning potential of newsletters looking to monetize 💰️.

You can edit this setting under Monetization → Boosts.

New charts  

All Boost related charts have been updated to show the following…

  • Previous period information that displays a dotted line of values comparing this period to the previous period

  • Dropdown of additional time periods to choose from

Get started with Boosts…

If you want to monetize your newsletter—Boosts is quite possibly the most seamless and passive revenue stream you could imagine. We have hundreds of quality offers in the marketplace, and you’re just a few clicks away from earning passive revenue.

If you’re looking to tap into a network of thousands of the top newsletters in the world—Boosts is the easiest, most hands-off, and cost effective acquisition channel. And it’s only getting more powerful by the day…

Note: Boosts are only available to users on the Scale plan. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

🔥 Smart warming domains

This is actually a massive deal, but my guess is that email deliverability nerds like myself will care more than most people. Most people just want to know it works, and it does 👍️.

tl;dr when you start sending emails from your custom domain address, you can’t just go from it not being used to sending to 25,000 recipients overnight (or 5,000 for that matter). Instead you need to go through a painstakingly annoying process to warm your new domain.

We built a first-of-its-kind smart warming process that will entirely handle all of the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes. All you have to do is add your new email domain, and we’ll do the rest.

You can read about this in more detail here.

Note: Custom domains are only available to users on paid plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

👻 Ghost content import

If you were previously using Ghost, or are currently using Ghost and considering moving to beehiiv—we just launched a content import tool specifically for Ghost users.

In just a few clicks you can import your entire library of content from Ghost.

Separately, we have two other import tools (for all platforms) that will import your contact list and your active premium subscriptions.

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