🚀 Introducing Boosts

Your new top acquisition source and revenue stream.

Imagine your newsletter. Now imagine your newsletter on steroids.

With Boosts you can seamlessly tap into a network of thousands of the most popular newsletters in the world to both grow and monetize.

For those looking to grow, faster — Boosts will be hands down the #1 acquisition source for you moving forward. You choose the price you’re willing to pay for a new subscriber, and only pay for real, active, and engaged subscribers.

It'd be like if you were using Facebook ads to grow, but Facebook refunded you for any subscriber who wasn't actively engaging with your newsletter.

For those looking to monetize their newsletter — Boosts will be the easiest money you’ll ever make. Browse our library of available newsletters, add them as a boosted recommendation (i.e. Boost), sit back and get paid 🤑.

  • It’s built entirely on trusted first party data

  • There’s no code needed at all

  • No custom integrations or APIs required

  • It’s fully-integrated within a single platform

  • And it only takes a few minutes to get started

So how does it work? Let’s dig in…

For those looking to grow…

Under Grow → Boosts in the sidebar you’ll be able to access your new Dashboard.

This is where you will…

  • add funds to your beehiiv Wallet

  • track your campaign performance and spend

  • create and manage your active offers and Boosts

Let’s run through a few quick definitions.

Offers — are what you’re willing to pay to acquire a new subscriber. This is what other publishers on the platform will browse and apply to. You can only ever have a single active offer in the marketplace.
For example, you may be offering a $2.50 CPA (cost per new subscriber).

Applications — are what other publishers submit to Boost (i.e. promote) your newsletter. You have to approve these first before they go live.
For example, you may only want to approve newsletters with a similar audience demographic.

Boosts — are essentially paid recommendations that that are shown to all new readers who signup to a publication currently boosting you.
For example, you could have dozens (or hundreds) of newsletters promoting your newsletter at once.

And a few notes as to why this is so remarkably powerful…

  • Cost effective — you set your own price and determine how much you are willing to pay for a new subscriber.

  • Hyperbolic growth — you are tapping into a marketplace of thousands of the fastest growing newsletters in the world. And they can all promote your newsletter simultaneously, at scale.

  • Quality subscribers — we have built an advanced verification process to validate new signups, and an automated system that only deducts funds from your budget when those new subscribers are 100% verified and engaging with your content.

  • First party data — we can so confidently accomplish the above point because the entire infrastructure is built on our own software, and leverages raw first party data we receive from the email servers themselves.

  • Continuously optimized — you can monitor the performance of any Boost and revoke access from publishers who are driving lesser quality subscribers.

  • Fully integrated — the entire beehiiv ecosystem works in conjunction here to ensure optimal data attribution and the strongest possible ROI. For example, you can leverage our powerful Segmentation tool to drill down on the performance of subscribers generated by Milk Road’s Boosts.

Note: Boosts are only available to users on the Scale plan. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

For those looking to monetize…

Under Monetization → Boosts in the sidebar you’ll be able to access your new Dashboard.

This is where you will…

  • access the Boosts Marketplace

  • add and manage Boosts to your account

  • track your performance and earnings

  • access your beehiiv Wallet to withdraw realized earnings

In the top right corner you can click Explore offers to access the Marketplace.

Live offers currently available in the marketplace

Note: you’ll need to create and sync a Stripe account to be able to apply and Boost newsletters. This is how you’ll get paid and withdraw funds from your beehiiv Wallet. On average, it takes 3-5 minutes to setup your Stripe account, and only needs to be done once.

Making a few simple assumptions based on historical data we have on Recommendations, you can be making nearly $150,000 /year in totally incremental revenue… with just a moderately growing list.

And a few notes as to why this is so remarkably powerful…

  • Revenue on autopilot — after adding a few Boosts you can sit back, relax, and cash in. No wrangling back and forth with vendors, timely configuration, or work required at all.

  • No code needed — Boosts are integrated directly into your newsletter’s ecosystem on beehiiv and don’t require any custom scripts, APIs, or janky configurations.

  • Quality newsletters — beehiiv is home to some of the world’s most notable and fastest growing newsletters. You have direct access to promote these reputable newsletters and share the upside of their growth.

  • First party data — you never need to depend on third party platforms or vendors to validate your earnings or confirm the performance of your campaigns.

  • Single platform — no need to pay for and manage multiple accounts across multiple platforms. Simplify your stack.

  • Get started in minutes — at this very moment as you’re reading this… you’re just a few clicks away from monetizing.

Note: Boosts are only available to users on the Scale plan. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

Get started…

There’s already over a dozen reputable newsletters with active offers in the marketplace, each with a considerably large budget ready to spend. Let’s all grow, together.


or to participate.