Level up your Automations

Plus huge updates to Boosts and Surveys...

What if I told you that you could seamlessly automate your workflows, collect meaningful data about your audience, and passively grow (and monetize) your newsletter?

What if I told you that you could do all of that within a single platform?

Today’s updates make it easier than ever to level up your newsletter game…

⚙️ New Automation triggers
🌎 Boosts geolocation criteria
📝 Survey enhancements

Let’s dive in.

New Automation triggers

beehiiv is home to some of the most robust email automation features in the industry, and we’re just getting warmed up 💪🏽.

Launching today are 2 new ways to seamlessly enroll subscribers into an automation.

  1. Directly from another automation — enroll subscribers from one automation to another when they reach a certain step.

  2. From a change in a segment — trigger an automation when a subscriber either enters or exits a segment.

Directly from another automation

After a subscriber completes an automation journey, or reaches a certain step along the way… these are just a few use cases where you might want to enroll subscribers into a separate automation altogether.

With the new Enroll in Automation action, you can accomplish this without any unnecessary complexities.

Enroll in Automation action

  1. Add the Enroll in Automation action to your automation journey

  2. Select the automation(s) that you’d like to enroll subscribers in.

  3. Activate the step and relax 🧘‍♂️.

Subscribers being enrolled via a referring automation

From a change in a segment

We also have a new automation trigger, Segment Action, which allows you to enroll subscribers into an automation when they have recently entered or exited a segment.

Segment Action Trigger, specifying a segment

  • Use case #1 — rewarding long-tenured readers who have received 100 newsletters.

    1. Create a segment identifying Active subscribers where you’ve stipulated that the amount of emails delivered equals 100.

    2. When someone enters that segment on their 100th email received, they’ll receive an automated email congratulating them.

  • Use case #2 — prevent less-engaged readers from churning early on in their lifetime.

    1. Create a segment identifying subscribers who have received 10 emails but have opened less than 2.

    2. When someone enters that segment, they’ll receive an automated email to remind them about the value of your newsletter.

These are just two simple examples of ways to engage your audience with beehiiv Automations.

The possibilities are truly limitless, we can’t wait to see what you create❗️ 

Note: Automations are only available to users on the Scale and Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

Boosts geolocation criteria

If you are investing money into growing your newsletter, there’s no easier or more cost-effective channel than beehiiv Boosts.

  1. Add funds to your beehiiv wallet (estimated time: 2 minutes).

  2. Create an offer in 3 simple steps (estimated time: 2 minutes).

  3. Publish and promote your offer (estimated time: 1 minute).

As of today, you can now restrict your paid subscribers to specific geographic locations (i.e., countries).

When creating or editing your Boosts offer, in Step 2 (Set quality controls), you can now specify the countries you wish to accept payments from.

Adding Geolocation criteria to a Boost offer

We've developed various verification systems to ensure you're only paying for quality and engaged subscribers… and now we've also added that only subscribers who are located within the specific countries that you choose will be verified.

Subscribers who meet the engagement criteria but are located outside of your selection geolocations will remain on your list, but you won’t ever pay for them.

p.s. If you set these up, your Boost offer in the marketplace will indicate regional restrictions in the offer card itself (shown below).

Boost Offer in marketplace with regional restrictions

By the way — two weeks ago we launched the Boosts Recommendations Widget, which allows newsletters hosted on any website to embed the Boosts popup widget 🤯.

Boosts Recommendations Widget

You can now trigger the widget on multiple webpages (i.e. URLs) to further expand your ability to collect leads and monetize.

Note: Boosts are only available to users on the Scale and Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

Survey enhancements

One of the most underrated requirements of building a successful newsletter is the ability to truly understand who your readers are.

Fortunately, beehiiv Surveys make it dead simple to collect valuable data about your subscribers. We’ll be rolling out dozens of updates to this feature over the next few weeks.

To kick things off, today we’re introducing 3 awesome updates…

New search, filter, and sort

The new table allows you to quickly search your existing surveys, filter, and sort in order by responses and other criteria.

New Survey Table

Duplicate surveys

One-click + duplicate to easily spin up additional surveys 👌.

New question types

You’ve now got 2 new types of questions:

  • Dropdown — this option presents the available answers in a dropdown format vs. multiple choice.

  • Long text — this option allows longer form responses up to 400 characters.

Giving you more control and flexibility over the data you want to collect.

New Question Type options

Note: Surveys are only available to users on our paid plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

beehiiv Partner Program

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the beehiiv Partner Program — it’s one of the most generous partner programs on the internet.

You receive 50% of all referred revenue for 12 months.

Translation: Just a handful of sign-ups through your partner link could net you over $10,000 annually.

And as of recently, we just made your job a little easier! Those who use your link will receive a sweet deal — 20% OFF for 3 months.

By the way, each quarter we send our top partner on an all-expenses-paid beach vacation for two (this quarter it’s Maui). It’s part of our beehiiv Beach Club, and the leaderboard for Q1 is ready for someone to claim the top spot.

What are Boosts?

The easiest way to passively earn revenue from your newsletter. Period.

Browse hundreds of offers like the ones below in the Boosts Marketplace, apply to those that align with your newsletter, then passively earn revenue for each subscriber you send their way.

Link to newsletter 
Earnings per lead: $2.40
Max payout per email Boost: $200

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.00
Max payout per email Boost: $240

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.00
Max payout per email Boost: $128

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.00
Max payout per email Boost: $320

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.00
Max payout per email Boost: $512

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.00
Max payout per email Boost: $160

From the hiiv 🐝

the hiiv is the official beehiiv Slack community, home to thousands of the top newsletter operators in the world.

This week we hosted a community AMA with Greg Johnson, a business coach + newsletter guru 👇️ 

Note: the hiiv is only available to users on paid plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.


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