2FA, White-label, Recommended Send Time

Updates to secure, optimize, and grow your newsletter.

This week’s product update has a little bit of everything—account security, audience segmentation unlocks, additional growth opportunities and more.

🔒️ Two-factor authentication (2FA)
🏷️ White-labeled newsletters
📊 New audience segmentation
🕐️ Recommended sending time
📈 Boosts account management

Teaser: over the next three weeks we are planning to launch an onslaught of new features and enhancements to Boosts, the text editor, website customization, and more. I don’t use “onslaught” lightly, so stay tuned.

But first…

🔒️ Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Protecting your account is important, especially as we continue to launch new features around monetization and data collection.

To ensure you are keeping your account safe, we just rolled out 2FA to every user on beehiiv. Setup is simple, just navigate to Settings → Password or click here to get started.

Setup time: less than 60 seconds. Sample size: 1 (me). Secure your account.

🏷️ White-labeled newsletters

All Enterprise users on beehiiv will now be able to fully white-label their newsletters and websites, meaning the "Powered by beehiiv" footer can now be removed.

What else do I get with Enterprise?

  • Unlimited subscribers, email sends, and publications

  • Early beta access to new features

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Priority always-on email support

  • Complimentary NewsletterXP course and community access

  • Quarterly newsletter audits by the beehiiv team

  • Dedicated IP address

  • And more…

Oh and there’s no contracts or long-term lock-in. And it's half the price of the nearest competitor.

📊 New audience segmentation

You now have access to two additional filters in our audience segmentation tool.

  1. Under the Measure filter you can now segment users based on a few additional email events → bounces and deferrals. You can read more about these events here.

  1. Under the Email Action filter you can now segment based on whether or not a reader has clicked on a specific URL.

🕐️ Recommended sending time

As of today, when you go to schedule your post you’ll see a chart recommending an optimized send time for the campaign.

This is calculated based on historical campaign performance and a few other factors, and of course, is just optional.

Note: if you don’t see this yet, it’s likely because we don’t have enough datapoints on your publication to make an accurate recommendation.

📈 Boosts account management

If you want to grow your newsletter via Boosts or monetize your newsletter via Boosts — you need to sync a Stripe account.

To streamline this, we launched a new settings page to sync, manage, or remove all of your accounts (you can find this in your Publication settings here).

By the way, in just three weeks since we’ve launched Boosts

Note: Boosts are only available on our Scale plan. You can learn more about our most powerful plan and/or upgrade here.


To better protect your account and the health of your newsletter list, we have added a new invisible reCAPTCHA option to all subscribe forms on your website. This prevents malicious signups via bots and other forms of abuse.

You can enable reCAPTCHA in Settings → Website → Advanced or click here.

Note: this is an invisible reCAPTCHA, so your readers and web visitors shouldn’t notice any changes.

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