Newsletter HQ ✨

More data, more insights, more control.

If you’ve already logged into beehiiv this morning, you may have been greeted with a bit of a fresh new look .

The beehiiv dashboard is the HQ for your newsletter — and it just got a serious glow up.

We also launched custom re-entry settings for Automations to give you more control and flexibility than ever before.

Let’s dig in…

The All New Dashboard

The all new dashboard is sleek and customizable, and surfaces sufficiently more data and insights for you to take advantage of.

It’s made up of 4 mini-dashboards you can toggle between at the top — delivering everything you need in a single place…

  • Overview

  • Audience

  • Engagement

  • Monetization


The first thing you see when you login — high level metrics like your list size, key engagement metrics, recent posts, and easy access to resources.

Overview dashboard

Note: all charts and metrics can be customized and updated to display relevant data pertaining to various timeframes.

Custom timeframes

beehiiv is supercharged with various growth tools like Boosts, Recommendations, the Referral Program, Magic Links, and more.

We introduced a beehiiv impact chart on the dashboard to surface where your growth is coming from.

beehiiv Impact

The top newsletters on beehiiv are leveraging these growth tools like experts to have beehiiv drive 30%+ of their growth. You can read how the Milk Road went from 0 to over 250,000 subscribers in 10 months here.


You can now select a timeframe and get a quick at-a-glance view of:

  • How many new subscribers you received

  • The number of readers who unsubscribed

  • Your net subscriber growth

Audience dashboard

The Net Subscribers chart displays your growth broken down by day for your selected timeframe.

In the top right corner you can click the dropdown and select the Audience Breakdown chart, which displays the breakdown of subscriptions by tier (free or paid).

Audience breakdown

We also added a breakdown of your new subscribers categorized and ranked by top acquisition sources and referrers… with links to click out and view a full report of either.

Top acquisition sources and referrers

As an added bonus, we added a few recommendations to help streamline your growth and audience analysis.

Audience recommendations


You’re creating content that pops … so we made it easy to analyze.

Engagement dashboard

Now you can select a timeframe and analyze your open rate, CTR, spam complaints, impressions, and more.

Then further filter and sort all of your top posts by open rate, CTR, spam complaints, and unsubscribes.

Plus more recommendations to enhance your newsletter content .

Engagement recommendations


Consider this your newsletter bank 💰️.

Monetization dashboard

Right now Boosts is the primary earning mechanism displayed on this dashboard… but over the next few weeks we will roll out earnings reporting for Ad Network + Premium Subscriptions.

The goal is for you to understand exactly how much revenue your newsletter is driving at any given time.

Speaking of Boosts — newsletters on beehiiv are earnings thousands of dollars per day. Read the Experts Guide to Boosts or watch our YouTube Tutorial to start making that money printer go brrrrr.

Automations Re-entry

Prior to today, subscribers could only ever enter an automation once.

But we know that plenty of you are running automations where it makes sense for people to re-enter at some point in the future… so now you can do that with Re-entry Settings.

Re-entry Settings

Here’s an example…

  1. You create a re-engagement automation to activate or churn unengaged readers who haven’t opened a newsletter in 3 months

  2. A subscriber re-engages and remains active on your list

  3. But at some point in the future they end up not reading for another 3 month period

In the above example, that subscriber can now be re-entered into that same automation. This ensures your list always remains clean and full of actively engaged readers.

By the way — you can read a step-by-step guide on how to build a re-engagement automation this here.

Within an automation, just visit Settings Re-entry Settings and you can select between three options:

  • No re-entry

  • Unlimited re-entry

  • Conditional re-entry

Conditional re-entry

Plus, the conditional re-entry setting allows you to specify:

  • The maximum # of times an subscriber can re-enter the automation in their lifetime.

  • A minimum amount of time required to pass prior to a subscriber qualifying to re-enter.

Link to newsletter 
Earnings per lead: $3.20
Max payout per email Boost: $4,000

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.40
Max payout per email Boost: $600

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $4.00

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $3.20
Max payout per email Boost: $400

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $1.60
Max payout per email Boost: $600

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $1.60
Max payout per email Boost: $240

What else is buzzin…

  • Hiring: We’re actively hiring another salesperson at beehiiv. If you have experience exceeding quota as a BDR at an email service provider (ESP), we want to talk to you. Apply here.

  • Partner: beehiiv pays you 50% of all revenue generated from referrals, and is sending our top partner to Cabo for an all-exclusive luxury vacation. Join the partner program.

  • Content: Our CEO, Tyler Denk, is both writing this sentence in third person and promoting a few podcasts he’s been featured in lately.


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