Boost your newsletter growth 📈

The all new Boosts dashboard makes scaling your newsletter a breeze.

If there’s one thing I’m positive we value more than anything at beehiiv — it’s listening to your feedback and building whatever it takes to help you succeed.

Boosts can be a bit complex, so we’re simplifying it and building new features to make it more impactful.

The Ad Network lacks some transparency and data, so we’re building new dashboards and workflows to streamline your revenue potential.

Running a paid newsletter on beehiiv could use more flexibility and actionable insight, so we’re building an entire new suite of dashboards and tools to make it the most dynamic paid newsletter product on the market (coming soon).

Automations are incredibly robust, but there are still plenty more triggers, updates, and integrations to make them even more powerful.

Overall, there are several massive initiatives underway to address these that you’ll see reflected in platform over the next 4-6 weeks.

Today we’re releasing the first few of these updates.

Let's dive in…

New Boosts dashboard

If you are looking to grow your newsletter…

with high quality subscribers
at a price you select
and only ever pay for legitimate subscribers

…Boosts is the best product on the market.

Today we’re launching an entirely revamped Boosts dashboard.

New Boosts dashboard

At a glance, you can now see overall subscriber growth, subscriber engagement, and historical spend. The outbound flow of funds from your budget is more carefully broken down between pending funds and escrow.

Below the fold, you can now analyze the performance of every single newsletter you have partnered with for Boosts.


All Boost applications and requests for Email Boosts have been consolidated into a single easily-accessible tab.


The Insights tab surfaces macro trends with respect to growth and spend across all of your Boosts.


And finally, the new Offer History tab allows you to track and compare the historical performance of your Boost over time as you update and change your CPA (the cost per subscriber you are willing to pay).

Offer History

Altogether, the new dashboard surfaces more insightful data and removes a ton of unnecessary confusion.

New to Boosts?

  1. Visit the Boosts dashboard here

  2. Create a new offer here

  3. Your offer will be published in the Boosts marketplace here

  4. Other publications will submit applications to Boost your newsletter

  5. Accept those who are a good fit, sit back, and scale 📈 

Note: Boosts are only available to users on Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

New Ad dashboard

Last week we launched a new Ad Performance Report that is sent to all publishers 96 hours after their campaign was sent. It clearly breaks down the granular performance and expected payout from the ad placement.

And today we’re launching a whole new Ad dashboard to boot 🥾.

New Ad dashboard

It’s now easier than ever to…

  • Track historical earnings and performance

  • Browse and accept available opportunities

  • Coordinate and schedule upcoming placements

Historical ad reports

The beehiiv Ad Network is the easiest way to monetize your newsletter with premium brands; what are you waiting for?

Note: The beehiiv Ad Network is only available to users on Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

Due to very popular demand — you can now create anchor links and a table of contents directly from within the editor .

What’s an anchor link?

It’s an element that links to another location on the same page. If you’ve ever clicked on a link that resulted in the page scrolling down to a different section, you clicked on an anchor link.

First you need to create the anchor (or the destination). Just open the element’s menu on the left and select Anchor where you can give it a name.

Creating an anchor

Next, when you go to hyperlink something (text, image, etc.), you’ll be able to either enter a URL (like usual) or select an anchor element by selecting on the ⚓️ icon.

Hyperlink menu

When readers click on that hyperlink, they’ll be redirected to wherever the anchor element lives on the page.

And the table of contents…

You probably could have guessed — is just a collection of anchor links. But we created a specific Table of Contents menu item to make it simple.

Editor Menu

Once you select the Table of Contents option, all of your anchor elements will be auto-populated. You can then hide/show specific anchors, edit the style of the list, and edit the names of each.

Table of Contents

You may have noticed the table of contents at the top of this post 😉.

Note: Anchor links only work in select email clients, but all web browsers.

Automation enhancements

We are continuing to iterate and improve our suite of automation tools, with a ton more updates slated to launch over the next month.

Now you can click on any automation step and view the performance data associated with that specific email, directly from the journey view.

Automation metrics

Then, you can expand it to view a more detailed analysis, including the full breakdown of performance and clicks.

Expanded metrics

And of course, can view all of the macro trends and performance data associated with the overall automation in the main Overview dashboard.

Automations overview dashboard

Note: Automations are only available to users on Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

What are Boosts?

The easiest way to passively earn revenue from your newsletter. Period.

Browse hundreds of offers like the ones below in the Boosts Marketplace, apply to those that align with your newsletter, then passively earn revenue for each subscriber you send their way.

Link to newsletter 
Earnings per lead: $2.40
Max payout per email Boost: n/a

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $1.60
Max payout per email Boost: n/a

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.50
Max payout per email Boost: $560

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.00
Max payout per email Boost: $768

From the hiiv 🐝

the hiiv is the official beehiiv Slack community, home to thousands of the top newsletter operators in the world.

This week, my two co-founders and I held an hour long AMA with the community and it was . Much more to come, but here’s a few highlights from the community in week numero uno…

Note: the hiiv is only available to users on paid plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

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