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Introducing: text-editor updates, text-editor updates, and more text-editor updates

Product updates // December 8, 2021

We've made many incremental improvements to the text editor to provide the most customizable, flexible, and reliable writing experience available in email. Everything we build is thoroughly tested across all email clients so you can focus on writing, and we'll take care of making sure it looks great for your readers.

Some of the updates we wanted to highlight about the text editor:

  1. Changing the background color of blocks

  2. Copy and pasting images into the editor

  3. Creating nested lists (sub-lists)

  4. Granular text-size optionality 

  5. Editing images directly in posts

  6. Additional flexibility pasting links

  7. Easy insert between blocks

Changing the background color of blocks

You can now highlight any block and set background color, like this!

You simply hover over the block until the sub-menu on the right appears, click the paint bucket icon, and choose whichever color you want. You can even do it for images:

Copy and pasting images into the editor

This update is as straightforward as it sounds, so we'll just use a gif to show it in action:

The editor will still upload the image (or gif) into your media library to reuse later. You can copy and paste several paragraphs of content from a document, inclusive of both text and images, and you should expect the document to be mirrored with the same styles in our text editor.

Creating nested lists (sub-lists)

  1. You can now create lists

    1. That live within lists

      1. Like this

  • The same can be said about bulleted lists

    • Like this

      • And this

        • And this

Granular text-size optionality

You can now highlight individual words, sentences, or blocks and change the size of the text.





Extra large


Just highlight what you want to change, click the text size icon on the far right, and you can choose to increase or decrease the text size with a few simple clicks.

It's never been easier to make those pesky disclaimers in the footer smaller while emphasizing other content via increased size.

Editing images directly in posts

Whether you want to update images with the source info, alt tags, hyperlinks, or any other metadata—you can now do that directly in the post without needing to open up the media library. 

Just hover over the image and open the sub-menu on the right, then hit the Edit button.

It'll automatically save all of the updated metadata associated with the image in the media library to be re-used later.

Additional flexibility pasting links

When pasting a URL, you now have the option of whether or not you want it to render as an embed link (creating a more rich-text preview of the webpage) or a simple hyperlink.

Plain text:


We'll also automatically display the rich-text embed of specific URLs when you paste them, like Twitter and YouTube.

Easy insert between blocks

Everyone remembers the old days of Microsoft Word trying to get your cursor below that one image that you seemingly never can.

We've made it simple to seamlessly toss additional content blocks between crowded areas of your post. Just hover where you want to insert a new element (image, list, header, text, etc.) and click the Insert line. 

If you have any additional feedback about improving the text editor, please hit reply and let us know. All of these improvements featured above came from user feedback. 

And be sure to follow us here on Twitter for  real-time product updates and announcements.

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