Introducing Boosts Direct Links

Earn revenue anywhere on the internet with Direct Links.

Today we’re announcing a huge addition to the Boosts ecosystem. Our aim with Boosts has always been to facilitate the growth and monetization of all newsletters on beehiiv, and today’s update will accelerate both considerably.

We’ve also rolled out some powerful new features to our automation suite and segmentations. In total, today’s update will cover…

🔗 Boosts Direct Links
⚙️ Automation enhancements
📊 New Segmentation conditions

Let’s dive in.

Boosts Direct Links

If you need a quick refresher — Boosts is a two-way marketplace, connecting newsletters looking to grow their audience with publishers looking to promote other newsletters.

One of the best things about the Boosts ecosystem is the fact that we’ve built an entire verification and anti-fraud system to ensure newsletters only ever pay for qualified emails (otherwise they’re refunded).

Historically, there are two ways to earn revenue with Boosts:

  • Via web - when new readers subscribe to the newsletters you’re boosting after they subscribe to yours (generating passive income)

  • Via email - when you include a boost in your newsletter and can earn payouts of up to several thousand dollars

Today we’re launching Direct Links — a unique URL you can share online, anywhere, and earn revenue for every signup it generates.

Think of it as an affiliate link on steroids, with a full verification system in place optimized for quality leads.

If you have a dedicated following on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, a blog, or other platforms, you can seamlessly promote a Boost Direct Link and earn up to $7.00 per email signup. (brb going to post an IG story.)

For those monetizing via Boosts…

Visit your Boost Dashboard under Monetize → Boosts and click on the publication you want to promote via Direct Link.

That’ll take you to the new Boosts partner page where you can see all of the relevant metrics and history associated with that newsletter.

Retrieving Direct Link

At the top of the page you’ll see the Direct Link URL which you can copy directly.

What next?

You’re free to promote that link anywhere that you want to drive traffic — your blog, Instagram, Reddit, the family group chat, etc.

We’ll track and verify all signups through your custom link and you’ll get paid per qualified subscriber 💸.

For those growing via Boosts…

You don’t need to do or change anything — Direct Links is enabled by default and available to all users who are boosting your newsletter.

However, you have granular control over which newsletters have access. If a particular publisher isn’t generating quality subscribers, you can simply disable Direct Links for them individually.

  1. Just go to your Boosts Dashboard 

  2. Click on the individual newsletter

  3. Toggle off Direct Links in the top right corner on the following page

Disabling Direct Links

Boosts is already one of the most cost-effective and quality paid acquisition channels. With Direct Links, you should expect much more rapid growth 📈.

Note: Boosts are only available to users on Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

Automation enhancements

As we continue to expand our automations suite, we’ve launched several new features that help you level up your newsletter and optimize on autopilot. This week we have two powerful additions:

  1. Subscriber enroll

  2. Referral milestone trigger

Subscriber enroll

You can now enroll any subscriber into any automation, individually and whenever you’d like.

Simply go to their subscriber profile page, select Enroll from the dropdown options in the top right, and choose which automation(s) you’d like them to enter.

Enroll subscriber in automation

This allows you to seamlessly build automated journeys and quickly add any individual reader you’d like.

Referral milestone trigger

A trigger represents the type of action a subscriber takes that instigates the automation. We hope you've made good use of the nearly dozen triggers that we’ve added to the suite, because several more are coming soon ❗️

Introducing, the referral milestone trigger which allows you to enroll subscribers into an automation when one or two things happen:

  • They hit a pre-existing referral milestone

  • They achieve a new referral count of your choosing

Referral milestone

Anyone who is already taking advantage of our fully integrated referral program is aware that once referral milestones are achieved, an automated email is sent to the reader. This was limited to just a single email, until today.

The new automation trigger allows you to build a more robust journey for those who achieve a milestone.

Or you could utilize a strategy I built at Morning Brew — nudge readers who are stuck just 1 referral shy of the next reward.

For example: If your first reward is redeemed at 5 referrals, you could send a nudge to readers who are at 4 referrals. Here’s how:

  • Set the referral achieved trigger to 4 referrals

  • Stipulate it to wait 2 weeks

  • Use a Yes/No branch node to check if they’re still at 4

  • If yes, send them an email telling them they’re just “one referral away” from the reward

Note: Automations are only available to users on the Scale and Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

New Segmentation conditions

Our Segmentation feature is already remarkably flexible and powerful… and it just got a whole lot better. Today we’re launching…

  • Survey and poll conditions

  • New overview page

Survey and poll conditions

You can now segment readers pending their responses (or lack of) to your surveys and polls.

Within the segmentation builder, you can choose any of your surveys and create a segment based on completion.

Pro Tip: a reader’s survey response is mapped to their custom fields (like age or favorite color), so when building a segment you can add additional conditions to check their custom field values.

Survey response condition

For poll responses, you now have the ability to segment based on completion and the reader’s specific answers to the poll.

Poll response condition

Combining some of these different features, you could…

  • Create an automation with a few emails to upsell your most loyal readers into paying subscribers

  • Create a segment of everyone who responded to a poll saying they loved your newsletter

  • Enroll this entire segment into the newly created automation

  • Watch the upgrades flow in in our all new premium subscriber dashboard 🤑

New overview page

We have enhanced the Segmentation overview page by incorporating the latest metrics for each segment and introducing sortable columns. This enables you to quickly identify your most (and least) engaged segments at a glance.

Segmentation overview page

Utilizing segmentation to better understand your audience demographic and engagement is a huge X-factor for successfully scaling your newsletter.

Note: Segmentation is only available to users on paid plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

What are Boosts?

The easiest way to passively earn revenue from your newsletter. Period.

Browse hundreds of offers like the ones below in the Boosts Marketplace, apply to those that align with your newsletter, then passively earn revenue for each subscriber you send their way.

Link to newsletter 
Earnings per lead: $3.20
Max payout per email Boost: $800

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.08
Max payout per email Boost: $382

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.60
Max payout per email Boost: $543

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $1.60
Max payout per email Boost: $640

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.00
Max payout per email Boost: $320

Link to newsletter
Earnings per lead: $2.07
Max payout per email Boost: n/a

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This week there were tons of great discussions and advice being shared… like how to scale your newsletter with Facebook Ads 👇🏽

Note: the hiiv is only available to users on paid plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

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