Grow your newsletter with Twitter

Introducing our first-ever drop, pollinate

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our first-ever drop, pollinate

Many of you have expressed interest in wanting to grow your newsletter via the embedded signup functionality on Twitter, but to date, that’s been limited to Revue users. So we built a seamless integration within beehiiv that syncs directly with Twitter…and it only takes a few minutes to setup.

This means your followers on Twitter can signup to your newsletter directly on Twitter, and you can continue using beehiiv to create and send your newsletters.

We'll show you exactly how to get started below. And if you'd like to show us some love on Product Hunt to support the drop, please do!

Create a pollinate account

You can do this directly from your beehiiv account!

In your Settings under Integrations you’ll see a page like the one below. Click on Setup Integration at the top underneath “Revue Integration.”

Give the page a second to redirect, and it’ll automatically create a synced pollinate account for you in a new tab. It’ll also automatically create a “Pollinate” API key for you in your beehiiv account. You don’t need to take any action with respect to that API key (we’ve already handled it for you). 

Create a Revue Account

In a separate tab, sign in to your Twitter account and navigate to your settings (this step may be easier to do on the desktop or web client). Under More click on Newsletters and navigate through the Revue signup process, signing up with your Twitter account.

During the signup flow, ensure your newsletter title is the same as your publication name in beehiiv to keep everything consistent for your readers.

Verify Revue account

If you’ve used integrations on Revue before, you can skip this step. Otherwise if this is your first time using Revue, you’ll likely need to have your account verified before receiving API access. To do this navigate to Subscribers page in the header and click to import a subscriber via csv or manually.

After entering in an email address into the field (can be yours), select Next and you’ll be prompted with a new banner at the top to become verified. Submit that form and await verification (they claim it can take up to 24 hours but from our experience it’s much quicker).

Retrieve your Revue API Key

Once you’ve received confirmation that your Revue account is verified, in your Revue account, click on your profile picture in the top right and go to Account Settings —> Integrations. 

Once on your Integrations page, scroll down to the very bottom of the page to retrieve your API key. Keep this API key handy, as you’ll use it in the next step.

Add Revue to your pollinate account

Back in your pollinate account click on settings in the top corner (after clicking on your profile picture) and then click Integrated Accounts on the left. 

Your beehiiv account should already be synced in there if you followed the earlier steps.

Click Add Account.

  1. Name it whatever you want

  2. Choose Revue as the integration type

  3. Paste your API key from the previous step in

If you receive an error that “Integration is not able to authenticate,” that means your Revue account has not yet been verified.

Create a task in pollinate

You now have both your beehiiv account and Revue account synced in pollinate. In the pollinate dashboard, you’ll see a button to Create Task. Click that.

  1. Name your task whatever you want (e.g. “revue to beehiiv”)

  2. Choose Revue as the source where subscribers are coming from

  3. The target should be the name of your Organization in beehiiv (be careful to select the correct one if you belong to multiple)

  4. Choose the specific newsletter publication you want to sync to

  5. If you already had a Revue account setup, you can toggle “Backfill Existing” and it’ll add all existing subscribers from your Revue account

Add newsletter to your Twitter profile

 In Revue, click on your profile picture in the top right and go to Account Settings —> Integrations. 

The very first integration option is Twitter. Click on Settings and then check the box at the top of the page and hit Save.

Additional Tips for Revue

Once you’ve completed the signup process for Revue, navigate to your Settings under Account Settings. We’d recommend:

  1. Updating your profile settings to have your newsletter logo as your profile picture and an accurate "Issue Description"

  2. Hiding your subscribers (it’ll only show # of subscribers in Revue, not the actual size of your list)

  3. Disabling email notifications for new signups (would probably get annoying, and you can view your signups from the integration directly in pollinate)

Last few things to note

  • Once it's set up and configured, you don't need to touch or adjust anything. It'll continue to sync subscribers to your account every hour automatically.

  • You can login to your pollinate account whenever to view all of your signups from Twitter.

  • These subscriber's will be identified in beehiiv as having a source of Pollinate

We're committed to adding additional support and resources to make this as seamless as possible. Reply and let us know if you have any issues configuring any of this. 

Our #1 commitment is providing you the tools to help you grow and success.

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