Cohort Analysis for newsletters

Quit growing your list in the dark. 3D Analytics is here to help.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure—so quit trying to grow your newsletter without understanding the underlying data.

We have invested a ton into surfacing the most relevant audience data for you to responsibly scale your newsletter. And with today’s updates you can now go even deeper with analysis, growth, monetization, and automations.

📊 Cohort Analysis
💰 Boosts enhancements
⚙️ “Wait Until” Automations

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Cohort Analysis

3D Analytics is the most accessible and powerful audience development tool available for newsletters…and it just got a whole lot better.

As a refresher… 

3D Analytics is comprised of two primary reports: Subscribers Report and Posts Report. You can find these under Analyze in the left side navigation.

The Posts Report will show you both aggregate trends and granular performance metrics about all of your posts over a given period of time.

The Subscribers Report will allow you to track and measure the performance of your subscribers at a macro level or broken down by individual cohort. For example:

  • subscribers who signed up from Twitter in June

  • subscribers who converted from a Facebook ad in July

Not every acquisition source is created equal, so this allows you to easily compare the quality of your acquisition channels side by side.

And today we are introducing one of the most powerful additions yet—a true cohort analysis waterfall chart to show the performance and retention of these channels over time.

You can now easily analyze the retention and quality of your readers by month.

Note: we define “active” as having opened or clicked at least one email + remained subscribed throughout the entire month.

Why this matters: you may uncover that the retention of some channels are performing better than others. For example, 80% of subscribers from channel X may have gone dormant by month 3. However, a stronger performing channel may have 90% of subscribers remain active in month 6 after signing up.

It’s yet another tool in your toolkit to optimize towards quality subscribers and building a powerhouse newsletter.

Note: Cohort Analysis is a part of 3D Analytics, which is only available to users on our Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

Boosts Enhancements

We launched four new updates to Boosts this week❗️ 

Newsletters are beginning to really compound their growth and revenue, and we want to invest in making this the most powerful tool it can be for you.

Aggregate performance data

Our promise to you has been that you’ll only ever pay for quality and engaged subscribers, and we want to prove it. So we are now surfacing the aggregate data of subscribers you paid for via Boosts right in your dashboard.

You can also hover over an individual Boost and surface the quality of subscribers driven by that individual newsletter. This allows you to double down on newsletters providing you quality subscribers, and cut off those newsletters who are performing worse for you.

This is all based on trusted first party data, so you can continue to assess and optimize with confidence.

Share your offer

And right below all of those beautiful charts, you can now copy your offer link and share it with others. It’ll be the easiest way to get people to apply directly to your Boost.

  • Share on Twitter

  • Drop in a Discord channel

  • Tattoo it to your arm

Auto-clean rejected subscribers

All new subscribers via Boosts go through a verification period before you have to pay for them. After this verification period, subscribers who aren’t validated can sit idle on your list indefinitely until you remove them.

With the auto-clean functionality, we can automatically remove rejected subscribers to proactively prevent bloat in your list.

You can toggle this on when creating a new Boost offer, or can update an existing Boost offer that’s already live to do this moving forwards.

Recommended Boosts

We built a new algorithm to identify the Boost offers that are most relevant and potentially profitable for your newsletter, then dropped those recommendations on your dashboard. You’re just a few clicks away from printing money like Steven.

Note: Boosts is only available to users on our Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

“Wait Until” Automation

Automations on beehiiv just got more powerful with our latest feature — the Wait Until event.

Rather than delaying automation steps by a default period of time (e.g. “wait 24 hours”) you can now use the Wait Until node to specify…

  • a specific day of the week

  • time of the day

  • timezone (or the reader’s localized timezone)

We have dozens of additional automation features coming soon, so stay tuned 😎.

Note: Automations are only available to users on our Scale or Enterprise plans. You can learn more and/or upgrade here.

What else is buzzin…

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