✨ Introducing beehiiv AI

Artificial Intelligence built for newsletter operators.

I’m so excited to introduce beehiiv AI  — Artificial Intelligence built for newsletter operators.

beehiiv is the first newsletter platform to roll out its own suite of AI tools to help users optimize and streamline their content creation.

The AI features are built directly into beehiiv’s text editor, making the best editor in email even more dynamic and powerful than before.

The AI toolkit is made up of four primary features…

✏️ AI Writing Assistant

Need a boost with your writing? With the AI Writing Assistant you can simply describe a desired output, specify the length and tone of voice and… done!

Don’t love the result? Try again, or change the the tone of voice…

With the help of our AI Writing Assistant you…

  • will never stare at a blank page again

  • can easily generate fresh new ideas

  • can bring outside information directly into your post

  • can visualize and test multiple perspectives

  • will write 10x faster than ever before

🪄 AI Text Tools

Augment your writing with our powerful AI Text Tools. Simply highlight any block of text and…

  • Auto-complete sentences

  • Fix spelling and grammar

  • Change the length of the text

  • Simplify your writing

  • Alter the tone of voice

Goodbye spelling mistakes 👋.
Goodbye redundancy 👋.
Goodbye boring 👋.

🎞 AI Image Tool

Generate beautiful images with nothing but your imagination. Simply describe the image you want to create, choose a style, and .

Want a unique image to accompany the paragraph you just wrote? Or perhaps a unique thumbnail image for the post?

The AI Image Tool is accessible directly in the editor for you to take advantage of without spending hours in photoshop.

Good luck finding that on Google.

🇪🇸 AI Translator

Seamlessly translates your content into some of the most popular languages in just a few clicks.

Highlight text → Translate → Choose a language

Reach new audiences in their native tongue.
New markets: unlocked 🔓️.

🪐 Watch the demo

Get started…

beehiiv AI is only available to users on our Scale and Enterprise plans. To learn more about our most powerful plans and/or upgrade, visit here.

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